Carol Daigneault

Rockport, Maine USA
Phone: (207) 594-7081

Extensive descriptions of all services are available at  They include:


Feng Shui Consultations______


Interior Redesign Consultations (for Home & Business)

Single Room or Office Interior Redesign Plan

Color Selection (walls, exterior, fabrics, etc.)

Furniture Arrangement

Art Selection & Placement

Window Treatments





A Home for Your Soul:  Includes both Feng Shui and Soul Coaching

Beyond Asthetics to Energetics:  Fundamentals of Feng Shui

Being at Home:  Feng Shui & Home as Metaphor

Jump Start Your Life:  Clutter Clearing

Your Treasure Map: The Bagua

Staging Your Home for Sale with Feng Shui

Landscape Feng Shui

Let Carol design a custom program for your group.  

Now Available!
Soul Whispers:  Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches Around the World
   -Includes Carol’s chapter on clutter clearing entitled Modern Day Alchemy-
  -Published by Soul Wings Press     $16.95