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A few of the opportunities that a Feng Shui consultation with Carol Daigneault can offer you:

•    A better feeling in your home
•    Potential for increased harmony in relationships
•    Discoveries of environmental improvements to enhance health
•    Bedrooms adjusted for healthier sleep
•    An awareness of how to shift your surroundings to promote greater prosperity
•    Possibilities for more physical energy and vitality aided by clutter clearing
•    Wall colors, furniture arrangement, art placement and other decorative advice
•    Landscape ideas that promote increased grounding and balance
•    Stage and balance your home for a quicker sale
•    A thoughtful interchange between client and consultant that focuses on the clients’ tastes, hopes and desires

Born in China over 3000 years ago, Feng Shui has been developed over the millennia through observation, study and practice.  The focus is on Ch’i, the vital energy that feeds all things and is in all things.  Since everything possesses a certain quality of Ch’i, including our space and its contents, there is an undeniable link between environment and consciousness.  Feng Shui can offer a fresh approach toward an enhanced life by focusing on this link.  When the flow of Ch’i through and around us is in balance, we feel harmonious.

Practicing since 2002, Carol holds certifications in Essential Feng Shui and Graceful Lifestyles Interior Redesign.  A Feng Shui consultation with her can give you invaluable information and insight into possible changes you can make to your home, office or business to allow them to be an active and supportive partner in helping you reach your goals and desires. 
For more Feng Shui information visit or contact Carol directly at or (207) 594-7081 for further information including fees and scheduling.


I just wanted to give you an update.  We have finally tamed some of the issues in our master bedroom.  The wall color is gorgeous, and I took your suggestion for the windows.  In the day it is bright, but at night it's nice and dark and cozy.  I’m sleeping much better.  Thanks for all your help.
                                    Roxanne - Thomaston, Maine

Working with Carol was the best investment I made to help sell my house!  In 2005, I asked Carol to advise me on decorating my home in order to get it ready to sell.  Carol made suggestions on how to improve each room by using existing things I owned.  The house went under contract in 3 days!  Two days later I had a back-up offer as well!  The decorating improvements were so wonderful that I had wished I had met Carol earlier so that I could have enjoyed them.                Denise - Boothbay Harbor, Maine