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What's all the buzz about clutter clearing?  Recently there has been an explosion of books, television programs, magazine articles and other information about the subject.  Although all of these resources may not base their presentations on an understanding of Feng Shui, I believe that Feng Shui has helped to bring this subject to the forefront.

A basic principle of Essential Feng Shui® is that Everything is alive with Ch’i.  Ch’i is vital energy.  It is present in all things including human beings, every part of nature and manmade items.  Therefore, Ch’i permeates every bit of your clutter, giving each item its own life and capacity to interact with you and your Ch’i.  When clutter is present, the effect is usually not favorable.  When clutter is removed, the negative, stressful messages of our clutter as well as old stuck energy is removed as well. This allows fresh, new Ch’i to flow in, and we can become more open to allowing positive circumstances to emerge in our lives.

Is it realistic to think that getting rid of your stuff can improve your life? Absolutely, because the lives of many people have improved after they cleared away their clutter.

One family had a large tree that had fallen in their yard after it was choked by bittersweet vines. Note: clutter isn’t simply inside the house. After clearing away the debris and landscaping the area, there was a breakthrough in the family dynamic. Their adopted daughter was offered a treasured family heirloom by the grandmother who had seldom acknowledged her before.

Another example involves a twenty something young man who found several items stored away that were reminders of an old girlfriend. He let go of photos, stuffed animals and even a jar of sand from the beach by the old beau’s childhood home. Although he had barely dated in the three years since their breakup, within two months of clearing these items he was in a very serious new romantic relationship.

One way to get started with your clutter clearing is to choose just one small area - a drawer, closet or small room.  Select one item and ask yourself:


Do I use it?  If your answer is yes, ask the next question. Do I love it?  Keep the item only if you answer yes to both questions.  If you're unsure but answer either question with phrases such as, "It’s OK, I might need it someday, I got it for free" or any other reaction that is lackluster, let the item go.  You are always interacting with an item’s Ch’i and its Ch’i does not nourish or support you when you have a reaction that is anything short of an enthusiastic yes!


It is well worth any effort you put forth to clear out your clutter.  For additional information or to schedule a Clutter Clearing workshop, contact Carol at



Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter

Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern

 Places to get rid of your stuff


Beyond the usual donation of general items to Goodwill, Salvation Army or a local non-profit that accepts items for an annual rummage sale (contact your local Chamber of Commerce for referrals) many items can be funneled to places where they will be appreciated by others. Also, some items require special disposal methods to reduce their environmental impact. Here are a few ideas: 


Give away an                  

item you can’t             





Ball Gowns &                




Wedding Gowns            


Business                          (men's)

Apparel                            (women's)



Eyeglasses &                          Contact your local Lions Club




Towels, Blankets,                    Your local Humane Society

Sheets, Furs,                            Animal rehabilitators often use old furs

Pet Food & Supplies


Wheelchairs,                             Fire Departments or                     Walkers, Crutches,                   Paramedics Crews will often lend used

Etc.                                           medical equipment


Canned Goods,                       Cleaning out your pantry is an important

Unopened Boxes of                 part of clutter clearing.  Donate all food

Food                                         that has not expired to your food pantry.

Books, DVDs,                          Your local library may have a book sale.  

Books on Tape Used book stores       


New & Salvaged           

Building Materials                 (use the link for Restores)


Items requiring special handling for disposal:



TV’s, Computers,                            

Cell Phones,                 

Game Systems,              (Trade-in Program)

Small Devices              

Ink Cartridges             



Oil Paint, Gas,                      Contact your municipality or check the

Motor Oil &                          the Yellow Pages for certified

Other Toxic                           disposal sites




                                               Start a slightly used free item exchange                                               

"Your stuff is talking to you all the time. 

Make sure it has good things to say."

Terah Kathryn Collins

Founder, Western School of Feng Shui